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Safety Instructions

Your safety is very important to us, so we inform you about the best tips for safe buying and selling. Find out how you can contribute to your safety, and also what we can do to help you if you encounter a problem.

Your marcheafrique.net Team

Buy & Pay Safe

Before you decide on a product, check the product description or text information as well as the payment method.

  • Check the item description (photos, description, location, completeness).
  • Check the contact (if the location and telephone number (if given) is correct).
  • Inspect the product (if possible) before purchasing or rather pay at pickup.
  • It’s not recommended to buy items abroad (you are not able to check your item).
  • We also don’t recommend abroad money remittances (transfers).
Read the article description
  • Read the item description carefully and also check if it’s accurate.
  • Check for Information such as Location and if given also the telephone number.
  • If the item Location is another then the Contact location then you should be aware that this suggests an increased risk. We advise in general not to do abroad money remittances (transfers).
  • You should be careful when offers are obviously too cheap or inexpensive.
  • Be critical if the item description was written in another language or if the description text was translated by automatic translation software.
Control contact data
  • To enter into written contact with the seller, please use the contact form provided by marcheafrique.net. Your inquiry will then be sent to the email address of the seller.
Examine Product
  • Before you buy an item, make sure that the item information fits your needs. If there is any doubt, contact please the seller before entering into a purchase contract.
  • Depending on the product, it is sometimes advisable to take a look before buying to be sure everything is working correctly, especially if you found the price unrealistic.
  • Important for car purchases is to get/see the documents before buying such as vehicle registration, registration certificates , etc. Just so you can be sure that they are originals. (Be aware) Documents send via email may be a fake.
  • If you suspect a user to be a fraudulent/scammer, then please report his ad via the “Report Ad” function below the listing description.
Pay Safe
  • If possible, pay and get your Item personally.
  • If possible, choose safe payment options/delivery options.
  • DO NOT use services like (i.e. Western Union or MoneyGram) for cash transfers. These services offer no protection against fraud. Also stay away from shipping money via post or Check, it’s not secure.
  • We encourage you to inspect the items offered on our site in person that way you are able to make sure everything is correct. After that a purchase can be made without doubt. If you are unable to do so, we advise you to choose a secure payment method, such as cash on delivery.
  • If it is a high priced item, we advise you not to pay in advance because in most cases you don’t know the recipient of the money.
Not recommended payment methods:

Money Transfer
For your own safety, please do not pay your internet purchases via cash transfer, such as Western Union or MoneyGram. These services don’t offer protection against fraud.

Preliminary transfers to foreign accounts:
You should be especially careful if a bank transfer is required to a foreign account. (We advise in general to stay away from such payments).

Cash by mail
Please never send cash through the mail. You will not get any refund in case of loss.

Sell Safe

  • Stay away from item deliveries/sales abroad.
  • Do not accept purchase or payment options by check or international money transfer/Fiduciary Services (i.e. Western Union, PayPal).
  • If possible give the customer the possibility to inspect your goods before buying.
Item description and task
  • To get a quick and successful sale it is important to have a precise description of the product as well as photos which are necessary and helpful. So the prospective buyer can quickly decide and get in touch with you.
  • Before you post your ad on marcheafrique.net, please check if you’re the content meets our ad policy.
  • Do not wake false expectations with your buyers and describe your item as accurately and honestly as possible.
How do I sell fast and safe?
  • Respond quickly to requests.
  • Respond honestly and accurately to inquiries from potential buyers and discuss your desired payment and shipping arrangements. If possible always select established and secure payment options and notify the buyer when you’re going to send out the article. So any misunderstandings and problems can be avoided from the beginning.
  • Stay away from purchase Requests/transactions from abroad that require a payment by check, international money transfer (or Western Union, PayPal) or Fiduciary Services (foreign banks).

Account Security

How to protect your account

  • Choose a secure password, the password should be at least seven characters long. To make it stronger, use upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols like ! ” ? $ % ^ & ).
  • Do not share your marcheafrique.net access data to third parties.
Fake Emails, also called spoof or phishing
  • These emails are not from marcheafrique.net.
  • These emails have the goal to steal your personal user data such as username and password, to scam other user on marcheafrique.net. See Wikipedia.
  • Such emails often lead you to a fake login screen. Once you enter your data there, third parties have access to your account. After that they will use your account/Information to sell dubious articles.
How can I protect myself from such emails?
  • If you receive an email from marcheafrique.net that does not refer to one of your ads, please assume that this is probably a phishing mail. Do not open this email, also do not click on any link contained in the email, we consider you to delete them or forward them to support@marcheafrique.net.
  • Be also critical if an email, ask for your personal data or credit card information, or which have been written in another language or whose text was translated by an automatic translation software.

You should always type yourself www.marcheafrique.net into the address bar of your browser or save it to your favorites.


If you have any questions, comments, complaints or you couldn’t find any response/solution for your problem or issue, feel free to contact our Customer Support.